Archived Winnipeg Labour Council Stories

CLC 25th Constitutional Convention


The CLC convention is always a great moment of democratic decision making when workers come together to find the best ways to advance the aspirations, the values and the interests of the sisters and brothers in our workplaces. We come to the debates and resolutions of our conventions not with abstractions, but with a mandate from people we know well. Immediately prior to the opening of the main convention, several related meetings were held.


On the Saturday preceding the convention, Union Label Trades and Services Department of the CLC held their Convention. Theme of that meeting was "Procurement - A Made in Canada Purchasing Policy".

In 2005, local governments spent $58.5 billion dollars. They spend it on:

Transportation and Communications 20%

Environment 17%

Protection 17%

Recreation and Culture 12%

General government services 10%

Social Services 9%

Debt charges 4%

Housing, Health, and other expenditures 11%


Most of these expenditures went to support the production of high quality services by public sector workers. However, some municipal governments have used the excuse of funding cuts to contract-out, seek "alternative" service delivery options, establish competitive bidding within the public sector, agree to public-private partnerships or extend privatization in other ways.

The labour movement works to support the public funding and public delivery of the services communities need. We will continue to oppose the privatization of our public services, and reject any lease-back or public-private partnership in infrastructure building.

The labour movement recognizes, however, that there are goods that municipalities need to purchase from the private sector. One area where the labour movement could make a big difference at the local level, is by working to have municipal councils adopt Made-In-Canada and ethical purchasing policies. Taxes paid by Canadians should be spent in Canada to buy Canadian goods and services.

The Union Label Executive Election was held during the convention. Elected were:


Larry Pelzer - President (Prairie Region)

W. Charles Courneyea - Vice-President (Ontario Region)

Judy Vanta - Vice-President (Atlantic Region)

David J.A. Porteous - Vice-President (Pacific Region)

Michael MacIsaac - Secretary-Treasurer - CLC

Another meeting that was held prior to the main CLC meeting was the Labour Councils Forum. Labour council leaders gathered into a packed room Sunday morning to review the successes and share the stories of the past three years since the last CLC Convention.

CLC President George Georgetti opened the meeting with both thanks and praise for the hard work and the tremendous accomplishments of Labour Council campaigning since 2005. Delegates learned that over 600 labour-friendly mayors, councillors and school trustees have been elected across the country thanks to the Municipalities Matter campaign.


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