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What to Do When the Paycheque Stops


The following is based on information provided by the United Way of Winnipeg to assist union members, their families, and other workers during a difficult time. The following information is geared to Winnipeg residents, but people outside the city who may read this can contact their local United Way agency for a similar listing of agencies in their area.


If You're Involved in a strike, lockout or layoff Situation

First, make sure your family knows what has happened. It is important that you explain the situation to your family. You should prepare a plan with your family, including a list of family expenses.

You will have limited income during this time. Make a list of your necessary expenses and to whom you make regular payments. This may include:

landlord/mortgage holder



Contact them as soon as possible and discuss payment options, given your situation. They can be surprisingly accommodating and may offer supports, services or options you don't know about. You should also identify other services/support you or your family might require during this period.

You may have to consider alternate sources of income, such as drawing from savings, borrowing from life insurance, and cashing in securities. Your local union may have someone designated to help you access other community or government programs and services - so that's a good place to start your search for information and assistance.

Acknowledge there will be increased stress during this period. On-going, hidden or new problems may intensify or surface during this period, but together you can make a plan to get through it.


United Way Partners

There a number of organizations to can turn to for help. The United Way of Winnipeg network has a number of organizations that can help with family, financial and personal difficulties. Familiarize yourself with them - and don't hesitate to contact any that you think may be able to assist you.

Aurora Family Therapy Centre

Works to enhance personal, interpersonal and spiritual well- being of families, couples and individuals through the provision of therapy. Services are open to all. The Centre makes a particular effort to be sensitive to gender and culture.

University of Winnipeg

515 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9

Phone: 786-9251 Fax: 772-2547

Email: - Website:

Community Financial Counselling Services (CFCS)

Provides help to individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties, with emphasis on problems related to credit. CFCS also provides information, problem-solving and referral services to people receiving or applying for Income Assistance.

3rd Floor-238 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0B1

Phone: 989-1900 Fax: 989-1908


Community Unemployed Help Centre (CUHC)

Provides information, representation and advocacy services to help individuals obtain the Employment Insurance (E.I.) benefits to which they are entitled. The Centre also conducts presentations on E.I. and unemployment related issues. While monitoring changes to E.I. legislation, CUHC engages in public interest advocacy and test case litigation to ensure that the E.I. program provides income support to workers who become unemployed.

501-275 Broadway

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4M6

Phone: 942-6556 - Fax: 947-9557

Email: - Website:

Family Centre of Winnipeg

Family Centre offers counselling to individuals, couples and families; programs to improve communication and parenting skills; and helps people learn to live without violence. The Centre's commitment to families is extended through its Families and Schools Together program and the establishment of family resource centres in subsidized housing communities. Portage Place, 401-393 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3H6

Phone: 947-1401 - Fax: 947-2128

Email: - Website:

Community Agencies Community Legal Education Association (Manitoba) Inc.

Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral service, call 943-2305 or toll free 1-800-262-8800 (from outside Winnipeg only please). For a referral to a lawyer only, you can also call 943-3602.

205-414 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0L8

Phone: (204) 943-2382 - Fax: (204) 943-3600


Klinic Community Health Centre

24-hour Crisis Line is open to anyone who wants to discuss a problem. Among others, these include: depression, loss, separation, grief, self-esteem, suicide, anxiety, relationships, childhood abuse (past or current), domestic abuse, sudden life changes, loneliness, sexuality and sexual orientation.

870 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0P1

Phone: (204) 784-4090 - Fax (general): 772-7998 - Fax (medical): 784-4013

Crisis Line: 786-8686 - Toll Free: 1-888-322-3019 - TTY: 784-4097


Legal Aid Manitoba

402-294 Portage Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0B9

Phone: 985-8500 - Fax: 944-8582 - TTY: 943-1131 - Toll Free: 1-800-261-2960


Residential Tenancies Branch

302-254 Edmonton St.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3Y4

Telephone: 945-2476 - Toll Free (MB): 1-800-782-8403 - Fax: 945-6273


These are just a few of the agencies available to assist you. Remember to also contact a union counsellor or your local for assistance.

For more information about what assistance is available, or to request a printed brochure containing the information found on this web page, please contact:

Charlotte Prokopow

Labour Director, United Way of Winnipeg

3rd Floor, 5 Donald St.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2T4

477-5360 ext. 245

Winnipeg residents can also contact the Winnipeg Labour Council at 942-0522.


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