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CUPE Supports Museum for Human Rights


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has received a substantial contribution from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). At a ceremony in the Union Centre on May 7, CUPE's National President Paul Moist (on left in photo), accompanied by Kevin Rebeck, President CUPE Manitoba, presented a ceremonial cheque in the amount of $250,000 to Gail Asper, National Campaign Chair, Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and to Division.

Moist said that CUPE has long been a union that fights very hard to ensure that human rights are respected in our country and our workplaces, so "it only makes sense that we support the Museum for Human Rights as much as we can.

"We believe that recognizing the importance of human rights, through an institution of this stature, will help protect the rights we have and promote the rights we must extend to all citizens of Canada and of the world. The protection and promotion of human rights has been a hallmark of CUPE's social activism and collective agreement negotiations for our 46 year history. As union activists, we believe labour rights are synonymous with human rights."


Museum Will Tell Stories Like 1919 Strike

In accepting the cheque, Gail Asper said that "Some 90 years ago, Canada stood transfixed when union and non-union workers came together because of their discontent over inflation, unemployment and a belief that challenged their rights as workers. What started as a disagreement between metal workers and their employers became the infamous Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 that saw the voices of many raise to stand up for what they believed. This generous gift will help the Canadian Museum for Human Rights tell stories just like this one."

The donation from CUPE helped to bring the Canadian Museum for Human Rights within reach of its fundraising target of $105-million.


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