Archived Winnipeg Labour Council Stories

Why we need anti-scab legislation in Manitoba
Errol Black and Jim Silver, CCPA The power imbalance between employers and workers has always been wide, and in recent decades has been growing wider. We can see this by the fact that average wages have been flat over the past 20 years - most Canadians have made no gains in real terms, while incomes of the top 10 percent of Canada's earners have soared, and inequalities have widened. Un   Read More..

Election Results in Several Changes
An election held at the Winnipeg Labour Council meeting on November 15, 2011, resulted in several changes in the WLC Executive. The election result saw Cathy Williams-Stewart moving from being an Member-at-Large to the position of 3rd Vice-President. Williams-Stewart, who is with CUPE 500, competed for the position with Patricia Masniuk from CUPW. Charlotte Prokopow, UFCW Local 832, was elected   Read More..

Waste Water Private Partnership Hazardous
  Last July, Winnipeg City Council passed a motion to create a Municipal Corporate Utility and asked the Province of Manitoba to pass a regulation under Section 212 of The City of Winnipeg Charter to establish the corporation. The justification for the new utility is the required - and much-needed - upgrades of the city's wastewater treatment plants, for which it is seeking to form   Read More..

Pelzers Letter to Selinger
  Dear Premier Selinger, On behalf of the 45,000 members of the Winnipeg Labour Council, I wish to congratulate you on your election as leader of the Manitoba NDP and Premier of our Province. The Winnipeg Labour Council will continue to lobby and press to move social justice issues forward and take no decisions of government for granted. We do however look forward to having a p   Read More..

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